American natural medicine education training

Compulsory subjects include anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, neurology, biochemistry, gene negotiation, research methodology, and an introduction to Indian medicine. It usually takes more than three hundred credits to graduate.

Naturopathic Physician must receive at least eight years of medical education in four years from the University of Medicine and four to five years in the medical school. The first two years of medical school, the basic medical subjects, the second two years of clinical medicine, trainee Beginning in the first grade, the internship begins in the second grade, and the responsibilities increase as the grade increases.

Compulsory subjects include anatomy, histology, embryology, physiology, neurology, biochemistry, gene negotiation, research methodology, introduction to Indian medicine, introduction to Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, plant medicine, physician self-healing, Pathology, Immunology, Similar Therapy, Clinical Examination Diagnostics, Symptoms and Symptoms, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Counseling, Nutritional Assessment, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Disease Infection, Clinical Applications, Chiropractic Learning, plant identification, natural production, environmental medicine, public health, case analysis and management, psychological assessment, diet and nutrition therapy, natural medicine philosophy, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, addictive disease, opening Management, Family Medicine, Cardiopulmonary Science, Microsurgery, Medical Disposal, Clinical Prescription, Radiological Hermeneutics, Imaging Diagnostics, Orthopaedics, Geriatrics, Gastroenterology, Otolaryngology, Endocrinology, Advanced Therapeutics, Visceral adjustment, infant mother nutrition, medical ethics, dermatology, clinical chemistry, rheumatology science, transportation Medicine, neuroscience, urology, oncology, clinical practice ,,, and so on. In addition, there are many elective credits. Usually you need to take more than 300 credits to graduate.

When the second grade is promoted to the third grade, and when you graduate, you must take a two-stage license exam. All subjects must pass the qualification to obtain a natural medicine doctor’s license. If you fail, you will only have three re-examination opportunities in your life.

The state government grants a doctor’s license, enjoys the rights of a physician, and can legally diagnose and treat patients. The tools for diagnosis are in addition to the methods of Western medicine, such as freehand physical examination, blood report, X-ray, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, computed tomography scan. , nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, etc., often use natural medicine-specific examination methods, these methods are usually not seen by Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

How to treat the disease? The medical methods used in natural medicine include natural medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, spinal adjustment, similar therapies, psychological counseling, natural production, minor surgery, and so on. A small number of natural medicine physicians also receive Chinese medicine training ranging from one to three years, and can also have the qualification of a Chinese pharmacist and a license for an acupuncturist.

What is a natural medicine?

The ingredients that exist in nature, whether in plants, animals or minerals, can be made into natural medicines if they are effective, and the side effects will be much lower than the synthetic western medicines. Natural medicines commonly used by natural medicine practitioners include hundreds of European and American herbs, Chinese herbal medicines, animal and plant nutrients, natural hormones, and so on.

The administration method includes a capsule, a lozenge, an elixir, an injection, a medicated tea, a powder, an emulsion, a vapor, and the like. The biggest difference between natural medicine and artificial medicine is that it retains many other natural ingredients, and there are checks and balances that make the side effects of the medicine greatly reduced. Taiwanese people and physicians are still quite strange in this field.

However, with the advancement of the times and the health of human beings, many artificial drugs in the future are bound to be replaced by natural drugs.